Eredivisie – Dutch football

The Eredivisie is the highest football league in the Netherlands.

Eredivisie logo

Eredivisie logo

There are a total of 18 clubs in the Dutch Eredivisie. The competition usually starts around August and ends in May with a winter break in January. For seasons in which an European Championship or World Cup is being held, the season starts and ends one week earlier. The ranking order is determined in a similar fashion as compared to other leagues and is determined by match points, loss points, goal difference and number of goals. Results between equal teams do not count.

If at the end of the season two (or more) teams are equal, they will end up as equals in the ranking. However, if a championship, placement for European football (Europa League or Champions League) or direct relegation is at stake, a decision-making match will be played to determine the end result.

There’s only one moment in which you can arrive in time. If you’re not there, you’re either too early or too late.Johan Cruijff (Famous Dutch footballer)


The champion of professional football in the Netherlands is solely based by the winner of the Dutch Eredivisie. As a national champion, that club may also participate in the Champions League. The UEFA coefficient ranking of the Netherlands does not matter for this club.

Participants in European tournaments
UEFA is host of the European tournaments "Champions League" and the "Europa League"). Based on the club performance of a country in the previous five seasons, UEFA compiles a list which determines how many clubs in a country can participate in these European tournaments. This list is called the UEFA coefficients list.

Participating clubs in European tournaments
The participating club in European tournaments is dependent on the final ranking of the league. In addition, the winner of the KNVB Cup will also qualify for the Europa League.

For the 2017/18 season, the participants are determined as follows:

  • League winner: Champions League, third qualifying round

  • Number 2: Champions League, second qualifying round

  • Number 2: Champions League, second qualifying round

  • Number 3: Europa League, second qualifying round

  • Numbers 4 to 7: Play-off for Europa League, second qualifying round

  • Cup winner: Europa League, third qualifying round

This division changes when the cup winner places itself for the Champions League. In this case, the cup winner will play in the Champions League and the number three will qualify for the third qualifying round of the Europa League. The number four is then placed directly for the second qualifying round and the numbers 5 through 8 then play in the play-off for a place in the second qualifying round of the Europa League.


ClubTownStadiumUndergroundIn Eredivisie since
ADO Den HaagDen HaagCars Jeans StadiumArtificial turf2008
AjaxAmsterdamAmsterdam ArenAHybrid1956
AZAlkmaarAFAS StadiumHybrid1998
ExcelsiorRotterdamVan Donge & De Roo StadiumArtificial turf2014
FeyenoordRotterdamDe KuipHybrid1956
FC GroningenGroningenNoordlease StadiumNatural grass2000
sc HeerenveenHeerenveenAbe Lenstra StadiumNatural grass1993
Heracles AlmeloAlmeloPolman StadiumArtificial turf2005
NAC BredaBredaRat Verlegh StadiumNatural grass2017
ZwolleZwolleMAC³PARK stadiumArtificial turf2012
PSVEindhovenPhilips StadiumNatural grass1956
Roda JC KerkradeKerkradeParkstad Limburg StadiumArtificial turf2015
Sparta RotterdamRotterdamHet kasteelArtificial turf2016
FC TwenteEnschedeThe Grolsch VesteNatural grass1984
UtrechtUtrechtStadium GalgenwaardNatural grass1970
VVV VenloVenloSeacon Stadium - De Koel -Artificial turf2017
Willem IITilburgKing Willem II StadiumNatural grass2014

Notable records

  • Number of championships in a row: - 4 - PSV 1986-1989 and 2005-2008, AFC Ajax 2011-2014

  • Number of champions since the introduction of Eredivisie in 1956: - 25 - AFC Ajax

  • Most goals in a match - Feyenoord - Ajax (9-5) (1960)

  • Draw with the most goals in the Eredivisie - RKC Waalwijk - FC Twente (6-6) (1991)

  • Largest away win - Sittardia - Sportclub Enschede (1-10) (1960)

  • Most own goals in a match: MVV (3x) during PSV - MVV (8-1) (October 14, 1989)

  • Most victories in a row in a season - 19 - Ajax (1971/1972)

  • Most amount of victories in a row from the start of the season - 17 - PSV (1987/1988)

  • Most defeats in a row - 14 - De Volewijckers (1962/1963), Willem II (2009/2010, 2010/2011)

  • Number of duels scored consecutively - 54 - PSV 2014/2015, 2015/16

    Season records clubs
  • Most goals of a team in a season - 122 - Ajax (1966/1967)

  • Least goals for a team in a season - 16 - FC Volendam (1971/1972)

  • Least goals against in a season - 13 - FC Twente (1971/1972)

  • Highest goal difference in a season - +90 (112-22) - Ajax (1997/1998)

  • Most wins in a season - 30 - Ajax (1971/1972), Ajax (1972/1973)

  • Least wins in a season - 1 - Haarlem (1970/1971), RBC Roosendaal (2005/2006)

  • Least defeats in a season - 0 - Ajax (1994/1995)

  • Most defeats in a season - 29 - RKC Waalwijk (2009/2010)

    Records players Eredivisie
  • Most matches in the Eredivisie - 687 - Pim Doesburg (Sparta, PSV)

  • Most matches for one club - 556 - Sander Boschker (FC Twente)

  • Youngest player in the Eredivisie - 15 years, 9 months and 17 days - Wim Kras (Volendam) (1959)

  • Oldest player in the Eredivisie - 44 years, 9 months and 14 days - Jan Jongbloed (Go Ahead Eagles) (1985)

  • Most consecutive times top scorer - 4x - Ruud Geels, from 1975 to 1978, Marco van Basten (Ajax) from 1984 to 1987

  • Fastest hat trick in the Eredivisie - 2 min - Jan Seelen (Ajax) against SHS (1959)

  • Most hattricks in a match - 2 - Johan Cruijff (Ajax) against AZ'67 (8-1) (1970), Afonso Alves (Heerenveen) against Heracles Almelo (9-0) (2007)

Analyses of matches in the Eredivisie can be found Match analysis, including an overview of team characteristics, strengths,  weaknesses and predictions of the match.