Top 10 Premier League Goals

The English Premier League knows a rich history with world-class players, memorable victories, defeats and amazing goals. Here we have our list of top 10 Premier League goals, hand-picked for you by our editors.

Thierry Henry vs Manchester United (2000)

To kick off our list of top 10 Premier League goals, we have Thierry Henry’s goal against Manchester United. As one of Arsenal’s most iconic forwards, many of his goals could have made this list but we decided to only choose this one and to give others a change. His goal against fierce rivals Manchester United in 2000 was a true thing of beauty. With his back to the goal, he managed to lob a shot past the goalie from the left edge of the penalty area, showcasing exceptional technique. With the goal being the match-winner, it makes a wonderful goal even more special.

Didier Drogba vs Liverpool (2005/06)

It’s the year 2006 and Chelsea is on their way to win a second consecutive Premier League title in the second season with José Mourinho and to definitely set themselves up as a powerhouse of English football. One of the keys to Chelsea’s rise is undoubtedly Didier Drogba and his important goals. Few players had the flair and technique of Drogba, with this goal being a prime example. Flanked by defensive giants like Jamie Carragher, he picks up a long pass with this chest, dropping it perfectly to his left foot. With the back to the goal, he quickly swings around and smashes the ball with a volley right into the net!

Rod Wallace vs Tottenham (1993/94)

Rod Wallace or Diego Armando Maradona? In one of Leeds best season performances in recent years, Wallace was their top striker with a total of 17 goals. But this one clearly stands out and even won the Best Goal of the Season award. With most of the Tottenham team in attack, Leeds managed to clear the ball and get it to Wallace on the left side halfway in their own side of the pitch. His quick initial sprint drew 3 Tottenham players at the same time to him, trying to intercept. They were left stunned as Wallace simply danced in between them and continued the sprint towards the goal. With the Tottenham defense falling down and trying to reposition, Wallace got to the edge of the penalty area unchallenged before smashing it right into the long corner of the goal, impossible to defend!

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Portsmouth (2005/06)

In his third season at Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo was not yet the player he is today. Often coming in as a substitute, he was keen on proving his value and used a lot of breathtaking attempts and shots. This was surely one of the best. After van Nistelrooy won a duel in the air, the ball got to Cristiano. Two quick touches to adjust the ball and off goes the missile, right into the middle of the goal where the keeper of Portsmouth is. The shot, however, was so fast and well placed, there is no chance for him to get his arms up in time, despite the distance. Cristiano’s celebration says it all, that was a shot simply too fast, and even he can’t believe it.

Frank Lampard vs Everton (2006/07)

Long shot on target from a difficult position? That is surely a trademark Frank Lampard goal! The legendary Chelsea midfielder was famous for his powerful long shots and he has left the game as one of the greatest of his generation. While everyone around him expected a more cautious action like a pass, Lampard got his eyes immediately laser-focused on the goal, spotting a way to score. One touch to adjust the ball was enough and off it goes. An incredible effect makes the ball gain altitude quickly, passing above the defense and coming down just perfectly below the crossbar and a worthy addition to our top 10 Premier League goals.

Luis Suárez vs Norwich City (2013)

In his final season with record champions Liverpool before heading to Barcelona, Luis Suarez was a striker a class above all, finishing as top scorer of the Premier League with 31 goals, 10 more than the second placed. His strike against Norwich was surely one of the most memorable. After an undisputed ball landed beside him in midfield, 40 yards from the goal, Suarez kicks the ball up in the air as if he was angry at it and just wanted the ball to disappear out of the field. But no, he calculated it just perfectly, making the ball fall sharply and landing in the sweet spot between keeper and the crossbar.

Tony Yeboah vs Wimbledon (1995/96)

Another Goal of the Season strike on our top list, this time from the 1995/96 season. Tony Yeboah had just arrived in England as a two-time top scorer of the German Bundesliga with Eintracht Frankfurt and he was ready to show his skills to the crowds. Taking the ball with his chest and then thighs, this play started on a high note, just to finish on an even higher note! Next, Yeboah feinted a shot, which left the closest defender stunned, proceeded to pass by another defender and hit the ball full power against the crossbar, making it smack into the ground and to the back of the net.

Wayne Rooney vs Manchester City (2010/11)

The Manchester Derby, City vs United in the Old Trafford, is certainly one of the biggest games in football with millions of spectators worldwide. During a season that would see United become champions, Wayne Rooney’s goal was one of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing in all derbies. Portuguese winger Nani sent a trademark cross right into the center of the box to Rooney, who found himself unmarked by the City defense. With so much liberty and the ball arriving just perfect at head height, Rooney jumps up and scores a bicycle kick straight from the playbook, surprising Joe Hart in the goal and leaving the crowd ecstatic!

Matthew Le Tissier vs Newcastle (1993/94)

Matthew Le Tissier was an absolute legend for Southampton, spending his entire career at the southern side, despite lucrative offers from giants like Manchester United. The midfielder from Guernsey was a technically skilled player who preferred to “walk past other players instead of running”, according to Barcelona’s Xavi. Have a look at this goal to understand that sentence. There’s not much speed in the play, but the skill is absolutely mad. Picking up the ball in midfield with a backheel flick above his head, Le Tissier proceeds to lob the ball slightly above one defender before another arrives. And another lob, this time higher! This puts him alone in front of the goal, at the penalty spot, from where its just an easy shot into the net!

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Dennis Bergkamp vs Newcastle (2001/02)

To end our list of top 10 Premier League goals, we have an absolute beauty for you. Not many goals are as well remembered as this one. Playing for an Arsenal side filled with class players, Dennis Bergkamp was one of the best technicians the game has seen, with this goal being a prime example. As the Arsenal number 10 received a fast and difficult ball, pressured by a Newcastle defender and with little or no space, the situation looked controllable. However, the first touch of Bergkamp magically makes the ball swirl around the defender to the left and into open space, while he himself turned to the right side. Before the defender can even understand where ball or player is, Bergkamp finds himself alone in front of the goal and easily shoots it past the keeper into the net.

Top 10 Premier League goals

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